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TextTrayIcon is a tray icon component. It is an expanded version of the CoolTrayIcon component, so you need CoolTrayIcon to make it work.

TextTrayIcon allows you to easily show custom text inside the tray icon. If you need tray icons with just regular icons I suggest you use CoolTrayIcon in stead.

This document describes only the added features of TextTrayIcon. For an explanation of all the standard features of this tray icon component, see the CoolTrayIcon documentation.


ShowTextIcon Whether to draw the tray icon as text, using the properties you've specified. This property is intended for when you have a regular graphic icon which you don't want to overwrite with one generated from text.
Default true
Text The text to show in the tray icon. The text is always centered horizontally and vertically.
NOTE: You can have multiple lines of text. Separate the lines with #13 (CR).

Font The font to use when drawing the text.
Color The (background) color of the tray icon. Use clBtnFace to show it in the color of the task bar. Default clBtnFace
Border Whether to draw a border at the edges of the tray icon. This is a rectangle 1 px. wide using the color specified by BorderColor. Default false
BorderColor The color of the tray icon's border rectangle. Default clBlack
Options You will likely prefer to adjust the text inside the tray icon. Use the following layout options for that purpose:
OffsetX Adjust the text X pixels horizontally.
OffsetY Adjust the text Y pixels vertically.
LineDistance Add or delete Y pixels between multiple lines of text. A value of -2 is a good idea in most cases of multiline text.


Draw Redraws the tray icon using the current colors, font, and border properties described above.
NOTE: The tray icon is automatically redrawn when one of these properties change if and only if ShowTextIcon is true.
NOTE: Calling draw directly (or by assigning to one of the properties mentioned) will set CycleIcons to false, as it doesn't make sense to draw an icon and then immediately replace it with a new one.


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The TextTrayIcon component is freeware (along with the CoolTrayIcon component). Feel free to use and improve it, but please include all original files if you redistribute the zip-file. If you have any comments or corrections to the component I would very much like to hear them.

The component should work on any Windows platform (Win9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP). The demo exe-file may have to be recompiled (?), though I don't think so. If you experience any problems related to the operating system you use, please tell me. Also, it should work in Delphi 4 and up (2 and 3?) and C++Builder 3 and up. Again, tell me if I'm wrong.

Get the latest version from http://www3.ewebcity.com/troels/delphi.asp.

Troels Jakobsen